The weekend

Saturday morning was supposed to include a trip to Des Moines to the big quilt show.  That’s 2 hours of driving, and I would have only had about 2-3 hours there before I needed to leave and get to the boys’ football game.

When I woke up, I decided that although it would have been nice to have gone, I just couldn’t face that much driving for so little time at the show.

Plus, I had something else quilt-y planned for Sunday afternoon, which required driving…so…I skipped the show.

Sunday afternoon’s quilt-y event was a quilt lecture by the incomparable Mark Lipinski.  He was just as funny as I was expecting (and I wonder how many people in the room were shocked by the things he said.  And he was pretty shocking…)

He was taller than I was expected.  Isn’t that weird, how you have visions of people based on tiny photographs and words on a screen?  I know a lot of peole are always surprised at how tall I am.

His lecture was billed as a Tips Lecture, but I have to say…I must be jaded or have been doing this too long…because I’d heard all of his tips before.  I would have been happy if he’d just kept telling us shockingly funny stories.

I didn’t take any pictures or get his autograph.  I think the whole fangirl thing is a little…weird to me…

I did enjoy the afternoon.  Mom went with me, and I think she enjoyed it, too.  It was her idea after all.

My weekend also included some actual SEWING.  On an actual SEWING machine.  It was funny.  I had to run down to the shop to get thread, because I no longer have any thread here at home.

Last week I finally broke down and bought a 2nd iron.  I was going to buy an ironing board, too, but then I remembered that my laundry room has one of those mini pullout ironing boards.  It looks like a drawer, but when you open it, it’s actually an ironing board…

I’ve discovered that it is not a long-term solution, though, because, as I mentioned I’m pretty tall, and this ironing board only comes to about my knees.  OK, it might be a little higher than that?  But not by much.

The sewing I’ve been doing has been some machine applique on a long-time UFO.  A Work in Slow Progress.  I’ve done a little the last 3 nights, and it’s almost done.  Well, almost ready to be put into the pile to be uqilted.  Which is sort of like it is done.

Way past my bedtime, I’d better go brush my teeth and crawl under the covers.  Hope you are having a great week!


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