The definition of irony

First, thanks to those who have gone to the site and reported on their experiences.  I’ve traded e-mails with tech support and we’re trying to figure out what’s going on.  It works for some and not others (and of course it works just fine for the tech support guy…)

Second, exciting news:  the boys’ football team WON today.  12-0.  Woohoo!!!  They looked awesome today and Joe had THE coolest pass interception.  It was amazing.  Will had some awesome plays too, he’s our center and all of his snaps were great, plus he had some good tackles.

And the irony?  I decided to work on my socks today and was anxious to get to the toe of the first sock.  I was knitting away in the car, and decided I should probably check the length of the foot.

I’ve gone too far.  I have to rip back about 4 rows.  Sheesh.