Technology, the girl with the curl

So, this morning, I get an e-mail from someone who had been browsing my shop website and she was wondering if there was something wrong with her computer that when she clicked on the images to enlarge them, all she got was a blank page.  And if it wasn’t her computer were there no larger pictures?

Well, there darned well better be pictures, becuase my sister and I both spent hours scanning/cropping/photoshopping/uploading those dangblasted pictures.

So, I wander over to the shop, and…yup, click to enlarge…works just fine.

And then I wonder.

That was Firefox.  What about Internet Explorer??


Many Bad Words were used.

I futzed around with IE settings for a bit, poked around the shopping cart software a bit, and I’m stumped.  If I set the photos to magnify or zoom, it works, but click to enlarge…not so much…

I’ve sent in a customer support ticket, but now I’m paranoid.  How long has it been broken?  How many customers have left my shop in disgust because they can’t view the enlarged pictures of the fabrics?

I’d love it if the whole world would switch to Firefox, but since that’s not going to happen, and so many people use IE, the shopping cart people better fix this tout de suite.

Technology:  when it’s good, it’s very good indeed.  When it’s bad, it’s horrid.*


*apologies to Longfellow