I’m fascinated by how many of your expressed your choices for sashings after yesterday’s post — the majority is leaning toward the brown (which, I confess, is the direction I was leaning, too).  But those of you that liked the green better were quite passionate in your choice, and my Mom, when she stopped at the shop last night preferred that one as well.

I’m not entirely sure how I’ll quilt it, and haven’t made a final decision yet (and probably won’t for a few days, as I have a couple of other things I ought to be concentrating on).

I remembered this morning that even though I told you that Gayle won, I forgot to tell you how many of you guessed correctly as far as which kid was which:

  • 3 people had “other” answers.
  • 10 people guessed that Joe was on the left
  • 19 people guessed correctly that Will was on the left and Joe on the right.

OK.  Back to work.  Have a great Tuesday!