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I am posting about Saturday’s football game primarily to make sure far flung family members get to hear the story.  The rest of you are excused from reading this post if  you are bored by hearing about little kid football.  Though, this story is pretty exciting, so you might want to read it anyway.

I mentioned in an earlier post today that Saturday’s football game did not go well.    Last week, the team did so well, we figured this week could only be better.    I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it seemed that a completely different team showed up.  Those poor kids couldn’t move that danged ball AT ALL.  Literally.

Most of our team is in the mid-60 pound range.  Most of the other team seemed to be in the mid-70 pound range, and our guys just couldn’t stop them or get around them or anything.

The only yardage they gained was on penalties and one recovered punt return and the score up until the last seconds of the game was 39-0.

And then.

Then, the coach did something awesome.  He put Will in as Quarterback. (And because my boys practice at home a lot, Joe was able to step into Will’s role as Center).

Will easily caught the snap and then he THREW that danged ball, over the heads of several defenders, to one of his teammates, who CAUGHT that danged ball.

And then his teammate RAN nearly the length of the field for a touchdown.

Will was absolutely on Cloud Nine for the rest of the weekend.  He couldn’t sleep Saturday night, he was still thinking about his big play.  He even told us that it was the best day of his life.

It was such a surprise to look up to watch the play and realize “HEY!  That’s MY kid out there.”  I wish I had had my camera out, but I hadn’t bothered with it and there wasn’t enough time once I realized what was going on.

There is only one game left in the season, and unfortunately, I can’t be there.  Maybe, if Will gets to be QB again, one of the other Mom’s will be nice and take some pictures of him for me.  I told Will that he needs to write the story down so he doesn’t forget any of the details.  If I can convince him to actually write it, I’ll see if he’ll let me post it.  I might post it anyway.

So, that’s my exciting football post for the day.  I sure hope next week’s scoring results are not quite so one sided.  It feels really great to be the team that is winning by a whole bunch of points, but it is really crappy to be the other team.  Really crappy.

Tomorrow, I might actually post about something quilt or fiber related.  Stay tuned.  But don’t hold your breath.


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