Cranky and not cranky

I’ve had a very cranky week.  I’m goign to take a minute and embrace the crankiness in the hopes that releasing it to the universe helps it to go away permanently.  At least until next month.

Thanks that are making my cranky

1.  Spammers (ironically, someone found my blog yesterday by searching for that tax refound subject line from yesterday.  I hope they were looking to find out if it was true or not, and went away knowing that it is NOT.)

2.  Politicians.

3.  The Economy.

4.  People who do things purely out of spite.

5.  Quilts with issues

6.  Sales people who don’t call me back.  Hello?  I want to BUY something from you.  Duh.

7.  Laundry

8.  9 year old boys who roll around on the floor wrestling when they are supposed to be getting ready for bed (or school, or football, or…)

9.  9 year old boys who, in the course of rolling around on the floor, somehow (?) punch each other.   One of whom got punched in the mouth and bled like a stuck pig from said mouth.

Things that are making me NOT cranky, aka Things I’m Grateful For

1.  Customers

2.  Boy who won 1st place in the local Fire Prevention Week poster contest (for his grade).  T-shirt and $10 bill were the prize.

3.  Two boys who were invited to join the TAG (talented and gifted) program.  Only 5 from their grade “made it” — out of 37 kids.

4.  That we are young and not needing to retire and use our investments any time soon.

5.  That the U.S. presidential election is nearly over.

6.  That I’m done with the quilts that were giving me headaches

7.  The sun is shining and I’ve been much warmer this week than last

On this bright sunny Thursday (well, it’s sunny in Iowa…) what is making YOU grateful?


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