And the winner is…

Gayle!  (Randomly generated…)

The answer?  Will is on the left and is number 52, Joe is number 54.

I’m impressed that Tanya was looking for Joe’s mole, I didn’t think it was visible.

I *will* tell you more about how we tell them apart, but I don’t have time right now….

I will tell you that when the boys were tiny, we always put Will on the LEFT for pictures, so we could tell relatives which was which, and so that we could tell when we were old and trying to look at the pictures ourselves.  Pictures in which there is only 1 baby?  We have a hard time telling on some of them….

Thanks for playing along, I’ll write more of our story over the next few days/week.

And now….I’ve got to go feed these hungry monsters (a never ending battle.  Gah.)


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