What I learned yesterday

First, I want to apologize if any of my friends or relations took yesterday as being directed at them, because really, it wasn’t.  The lesson really was about me, and as others have pointed it out, it seems to be a lesson that many of us have trouble with…

I do hope to have something fiber related to post later, but I’ve been messing around this morning and need to get moving (sheesh!  I’ve got to GO to work!).


For now, here is what I learned yesterday:


It’s going to take some time to get used to quilting with external distractions.  Between the boys (who had gotten out of school early due to the heat) and the phone ringing and the customers coming in the door, I felt like I was running in circles.  

Not that I’m complaining, as I knew this is how it would be, but yesterday afternoon seemed particularly crazed.

Or maybe it was because I was annoyed that my audio book kept getting disrupted, and I might have missed something?