Tornado Drills

I don’t remember why it got brought up last night, but Will mentioned something at supper about tornado drills.  He demonstrated the position they are supposed to assume (squatting and wrapping their arms around their knees, heads down).  I asked him where they go during the drill  — some of the kids go to the bathroom (the kindergartners, maybe?) but the bigger kids squat in the hallways outside their lockers.

Mark said: “Wow, back when I was a kid we had to get IN our lockers for the tornado drills.”

(I’m thinking, back when I was a kid, we didn’t HAVE tornado drills.  Of course, I went to school in CT, while Mark went to the same exact school the boys go to…)

And then he said “Boy, it would be pretty bad if you were one of the people who shared a locker.”

I was sitting there trying not to bust out laughing, but the boys proceeded to have a very serious conversation about who, in particular, it would be awful to have to share with.  They even mentioned that 2 of the biggest boys actually do share, and can you imagine what it would be like if they both tried to get in the locker?

Mark even said at one point during all of this “It’s not too bad when you are in 3rd grade, but by the time you get to 6th grade it’s pretty cramped.”

I finally said to the boys “You don’t actually believe him, do you?”

“Oh, no,” they said.

(I’m thinking “Yeah, whatever, guys, he totally had you.”)

I don’t know how he pulls off conversations like that.   Just the day before he’d managed to get all three of us.  After the football game, we stopped at Dairy Queen, and everyone got Blizzards.  Mark suggested that the boys wouldn’t be able to finish theirs, so he’d be happy to take some off the top.  They, of course, were not interested in sharing.

As we were sitting at the table, Mark suddenly said “Hey, look at that Lamborghini over there” — all 3 of us jerked around to look and when we turned back, Mark actually had a great big spoonful of Will’s Blizzard.

He gave it back.

And warned Will that if you are going to turn to look at something you need to pick your ice cream up and move it with you.

Mark is one of those silent types you have to watch out for.  You never know what he’s thinking and what’s going to come out when he finally does decide to speak up.  He’s forever teasing me and pushing my buttons.  Unfortunately, I make it pretty easy for him and give him lots of opportunities.  He always apologizes when I give him a hard time for making fun of me, but he does it with this sparkle in his eyes that lets me know he’s not really sorry.  He enjoys getting my goat, and you know what?  I’d be pretty disappointed if he didn’t tease me.  It’s how I know he loves me.