Phone call

My sister called me, it was pure luck that I even heard my cell phone ring.

We start chatting and all of a sudden I hear this odd shrieking in my ear.  I can’t make out the words.

Turns out she was celebrating with her son who had managed to pee in the potty.

For the rest of the conversation, I kept hearing his squeaky voice in the background “I went pee-pee” and she’d have to respond of course, cheering him on.  Getting him a sticker for his chart.

It was pretty funny.

Especially funny as a Mom who is WAY over potty training, thank heavens.

I’m such a horrible sister sometimes.  She called me one day to tell me about the horrible awful no-good day she’d been having with her almost 3 year old son and 6 month old daughter and I all could do was laugh right out loud.

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