Yesterday, I checked the school lunch calendar, curious about how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I’d be making this week.

You can imagine my shock when I discover that the boys didn’t have school today, as it was a professional development day for the teachers.

They were less than thrilled about the prospect of spending the entire day with me at the shop, and while I love them to pieces, I wasn’t all that thrilled about it either.  The shop is OK for short stints, but they can only play so much GameCube, and read so many books before they drive us all a bit stir-crazy.


We tried an experiment.  I went to the shop.  They stayed here.

We seem to have survived the experiment unscathed.  The house was still standing, the dog was still alive and there was no blood, puke or broken bones.  They actually made their own lunches (PBJ, of course) and as far as we can tell, didn’t spend the entire day playing Wii.

I talked to them about a dozen times.  I called every hour or so, and they called me once or twice with questions.  Daddy called them as well.

They did tell me that they don’t know how to make PBJ sandwiches properly.  They didn’t get enough peanut butter, and Will couldn’t figure out how to spread the jelly all the way around the bread.  Clearly, they haven’t made enough PBJ sandwiches yet.

I think they looked older to me when I saw them.  I know I felt a little bit older.

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