Junk drawer

1.  Initial jeans verdict:  the Bill Blass jeans felt so saggy by the end of the day.  Even with a belt on, I felt like I need to haul them up all the time.  The Levi’s seem to be a good fit and feel, we’ll see how the hold out over the long haul.

2.  Why is that when you are trying to fall asleep, the minutes drag on forever, but when you are trying not to wake up the minutes fly by?  I swear my eyes were only closed for a second, but 5 minutes flew by just like that this morning.

3.  Don’t tell my husband, but when I send him the daily brain teaser from the Mental Floss blog, I usually don’t even try to figure it out.  I am terrible at brain teasers.   But I like challenging him.

4.  Joe wanted me to come in to school with him for a second this morning.  It wasn’t until after I had parked the car and turn it off that I looked at the dog and realized that I couldn’t go in with him because I had Katie with me.

5.  Yesterday I learned that there are people in the world that do the right thing.  I dropped my wallet in the alley behind the store and a sweet elderly gentleman found it.  He took it across the street to see if they knew the person it belonged to, and then he came to the shop to return it to me.  I hadn’t even known it was gone.

6.  I need to get downtown so that I can witness the arrival of the building that is being moved from 10 miles away.  The donated building will be the home of our new Salt and Pepper Shaker museum.



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