Jeans shopping


After playing the piano at church this morning (I thought I was going to faint from the heat, thanks to the temps, and the long-sleeved POLY choir robe), I decided I needed a nap.  And then laying there I realized that what I really need was a trip to Waterloo to get black toner, popcorn and to go jeans shopping.

Double ugh.

I lost count of how many pairs I tried on, somewhere approaching 15 or 20, I’m sure.  I did find two that I liked.  They seemed to be the only ones that were SOLID denim.  Why does everyone want to buy blue jeans that look like someone else has already been wearing them???

I’m not 100% sure I’m going to like them, though, as they both have spandex in them.  I have not been crazy about the stretch denim jeans I’ve had in the past, it seemed like by the end of the day they were stretched out and sliding off my body.  I didn’t really have a choie, though, as stretch seemed to be the normal at every single store I tried.

With all of the stops I made, my shopping took a lot longer than I intended, and now, even more than before, I feel the need for a nap.  As it is 6PM, though, I’d best attempt to stay awake until it’s time for bed.  8PM sounds like a good bedtime…



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