Hiding in plain sight

I looked and I looked and I looked last night.  I went back and forth between the two spots where the bobbin case ought to be and never saw it.

Do you see it?  Sitting on the Featherweight?

Why did I put it there?  Why didn’t I set it on the white table where it would be blazingly obvious?

I’m a little cranky today, between losing the bobbin case, and the fact that I spent HOURS last night working on catching up on paperwork.  I’m a piler.  I should start a chapter of Pilers Anonymous.

My name is Suzanne and I like to pile things.

I know that if I would just deal with paper as I get it, my life would be easier and less cluttered, and yet…I continue to pile things.  My piles don’t get as tall as they used to, but it still goes on for way too long.

I’m going to go stick my headphones on, turn on my audiobook, stick in my sweet bobbin case and get some quilting done.  Hopefully that’ll clear the grumpies out.


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