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I’m working on my notes for a trunk show I’m presenting tomorrow night at a quilt guild.  You would not believe how many times I’ve already this evening consulted  my blog for fodder for my presentation.

My presentation is loosely titled “Is She a Good Example or Horrible Warning”

Hopefully I’ll be funny and entertaining and not stupid or boring.

I’m thinking about telling the parmesan cheese story.  I don’t know that I’ve ever posted the story about how I cut off the tip of my finger with a rotary cutter.  That was pre-blog.  The quilt I was working on at the time is one giant horrible warning.  I’ll have to tell you that some day.  It’s a doozy.

I’ve got a whole list of quilts where I did something “WRONG” — or something happened to me (like the finger incident…), plus I’m taking a few where I did everything “RIGHT”.  Unfortuatnely, there are a lot more of the problem children than the perfect angels.

The moral of the talk, of course, is that even with all of my troubles, the main thing is that I soldiered on — these are finished quilts I’m talking about here.  I kept going, made sure I didn’t get any blood on anything,  and finished the crazy things.  The funny stories that go with these quilts are what makes them even more special to me.  And even with their flaws, they turned out to be pretty darned good quilts, if I do say so myself.

I’ll let oyu know how it all turns out.  Naturally, it’s been a quiet week, and everything is happening tomorrow.  Newspaper to do a story, knitters in the afternoon, guild presentation in the evening, plus the everyday normal stuff….



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