Believe it or not, I do actually quilt

You wouldn’t know it by my blogging, but I have actually been quilting recently.  I’m almost done with this flying geese quilt that my Mother-in-Law made.  I thought I was closer to being done, but then I remembered that I actually have to quilt the geese themselves, yet.

I finished a really big Blooming Nine Patch last week, I guess I need to take a picture of it yet.

Today, I had two separate people in the shop who are brand-new longarm quilters, so i got to talk shop quite a bit this morning.  Of course that meant that I didn’t actually do any quilting.  It’s funny, it’s dead quiet in here all week long and whamm-o — everybody shows up on Thursday.  What’s up with that?

Perhaps I should remember that next week and make better use of my time Monday-Wednesday.

I also had a sales guy in here wanting to sell me a fancy plastic No Smoking sign (for $15), apparently I’m supposed to display one in accordance with the new Iowa Smokefree Air Act.  Really?  Me?  Here?

When I e-mailed Mark he responded

Do you also need a “No Killing” and a “No Stealing” sign too?  How about a “No Unnecessary Signs” sign?

I found the signs online, that I can download print and laminate myself.  I’d hate to get with a $100 fine for not having the sign.

Because you know that lots of people are going to try to smoke in my shop.