Bad words

It could be worse.  The pleat is closer to the right side than the center, so I don’t have to take out HALF of what I quilted last night.  Just a quarter of it.

THanks for all of the kind words about the article.  My sister and her husband both independently did a screen capture of the article and sent me a PDF of it, I’ll probably add that to the post, for when the link expires.  

The crazy thing is that I haven’t actually been able to read the article myself yet.  I can’t bring myself to do it.  Mark says it sounds pretty good, just one awkward phrase where you can tell what it was I had said, but it was maybe missing a word or two.  Eventually I’ll probably be able to read it.  I’m just weird about reading about myself like that.

Let me restate that:  I’m just weird.


Back to frogging.  Once again I prove to be a Horrible Warning:  check the @#$% quilt back to make sure it is smooth.

Oh wait.  I did.  So where the @#$% did the pleat come from????