Well, that was a boring post

I’m not even sure why I bothered to post about my pleasure with the USPS shippin website, but I do apologize for boring all of you with it.  LOL
Here’s something more interesting:  a quilt I finished for a customer.  In theory, you’ll be able to click on these to view them larger, allowing you to see the detail a bit better.

The pattern is Buggy Barn’s Coneflower Crazies.  Isn’t it cute?  She still has buttons to attach to the center of each flower.  I had a lot of fun this one, using the wonkiness of it as inspiration for the wonky quilting.  I used Warm Bond batting (The Warm Company’s new 80/20 cotton/poly blend batting) which seemed to quilt nicely.  Signature cotton thread on top, Superior’s Bottom Line in the bobbin.  I love prewound bobbins now.  I used to think they were overly expensive and not worth it, but I’ve changed my tune.

Another quilt is calling my name, so I’d better answer, since it’s the quilting that’s keeping the lights on right now.  Did you know that opening a shop take a LOT of money???  Yikes.