Simple pleasures

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Today, for instance:  I discovered that the USPS online label printing process has actually improved.

When I print shipping labels through PayPal, all I get is the shipping label itself.  It’s a half sheet of paper, and I bought adhesive shipping labels that are just the right size — two on a page.  (I just flip the sheet around to print a 2nd label).

I have to print some labels from the USPS website, though, and the way they print from that site has always annoyed me.  They print the label on one half of the page and a receipt and shipping instructions on the other half.  Considering how expensive the self-adhesive labels are, it really was a huge waste of sticker and money, because the receipt portion just got stuck in a drawer and will never ever be referred to again — as all of that information is online at their website.

Today, though!  There was a brand-new checkbox that said “Print WITHOUT Receipt or shipping instructions”

Just the label,  and none of the extras, just like I like it.


Although, I am still annoyed at them for moving a different checkbox on the shipping information screen.  The box for “Shipping from same Zip Code as above” used to be at the bottom of the screen, but they’ve moved it, and I can never remember to click on it — it’s somewhat “buried” and not as obvious as it should be.  Of course, you get an error message when you don’t click on it, and have to go back and fix it.  It’s minor, but it’s one of those minor annoyances that build up over time.  I don’t know why they made it LESS usable than before, but maybe it’s just me.

Based on the change to the label printing, perhaps they actually do listen to feedback?  Because that must have been a request from users.  Maybe I will complain about that zip code box and see what happens.

One person CAN change the word, right?


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