No progress pictures today

Someone who shall remain nameless forgot to take the memory card out of the computer and put it back in the camera.

Which is a shame, because the progress of the outside was definitely worth a picture.  I’ll snap one right away in the morning so you can see what a hero Mark is.  The shop is awesome.  Really catches your eye.  A red and white checkerboard will do that.  Especially when the squares of the checkerboard are….more than 12 inches square.  Hmmm.  I wonder how big those are?  I’ll have to measure.

Mark thought that if we don’t make it with the yarn and the fabric, we could always try selling ice cream.  It does rather look like an ice cream shop.

Paint is funny.  You start with the door, because the paint is wearing off where people have been pushing on it for the last 5 or so years.  Then you have to move on to the trim, because that looks pretty dingy next to the freshly painted door.  Pretty soon your husband is up on a ladder painting the entire front of the store.

And you start looking at the poles inside your windows thinking those look kinda dingy now, since everything else is white or red and the poles are still the old beige.

Except, you can’t figure out how you are going to get your brush in between the window and the pole and actually paint the side of the pole that’s is inches from the window.

An attempt was made at wrapping the pole with fabric.  I say attempt, because I’m not sure it was successful.  I think it’s a good idea, but the execution left something to be desired.  With the amount of work I put into it and the swearing and sweating involved, it may have been faster to paint the darned thing.  Although, tha twould have been significantly messier.

Shoot.  This post would be much more interesting with visuals, wouldn’t it?