Well, done knitting.  I don’t want to felt blind (in my front-loading washer) so I’ll probably wait until this weekend to do the felting over at Mom’s house.

Laying out flat like this, it measures a whopping 25 inches across and if you stretch out the curled over rows at the top, it’s 16 inches tall.

Mark said “Is it really supposed to be that huge?”

Yes, dear.  Just wait…

And becasue I had gotten used to knitting during the Olympics, I had to start a new project yesterday:

Much smaller needles this time (size 7 as opposed to the 13s I used on the bag).  It’s going to be a Sampler Baby Blanket, each stripe will be a different stitch pattern.  One guess as to what my alternate color is going to be.  I’m using Cascade 220 Superwash, which is 100% wool, but…washable…I wonder why they call it superwash?  I’m almost done with the first stripe, which is a Double Seed Stitch Pattern.  I’ve only missed one or two stitches (knitted when I was supposed to purl,that sort of thing, and luckily with this pattern you can’t tell.  Future rows aren’t quite as forgiving.

Today is the last day of the boys’ freedom.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the Annual Back to School Pictures.

Later –