Blog header, where art thou?

Ordinarily, I don’t visit my blog the way a reader might, but today I happened to do so and was more than a little bit surprised to see that my lovely quilty blog header was gone and all that was there was the NABLOMO participant badge.  Weird.  Don’t know where it went, but decided this was a good opportunity for a change of theme and a new header.

Not sure I’m crazy about the new theme, seeing all of the stuff in the sidebar in CAPS seems wrong.  But, I’ll try it.  And as I said, I don’t actually look at it that way much anyway…and most of you probably read my blog through a Reader anyway, so you might not notice it yourselves.

Speaking of Blog Readers, for the last little while I’ve been browsing through blogs via Google Reader, but haven’t really had time to actually COMMENT except for rare occasions.  I feel like I’m missing something in the whole blog-conversation and promise that y’all will actually see me comment on your blogs again as much as I can.  And maybe even actually RESPOND to comments made on my blog.  I do get them (and love it when I do, please Comment!  It makes me feel less self-conscious about blabbing…).

In other bloggy-news, my friend Carla is having a blog contest.  The deal is, you have to put a link to her blog on your blog in order to sign up.  Frankly, I think that  is WRONG, because it lessens MY chances of winning the prize, but oh well.  I’m game.

So, click the image, go see her really cool freeform crochet scarves, and consider signing up yourself!

I noticed this morning that I’m approaching 600 published posts, I htink it might be time for a blog contest of my own to celebrate!  Stay tuned, I’ll think of something….


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