And the winners are….

Well, there is nothing more random than a pair of 9 year old twin boys, so I asked Will and Joe to each pick a number between 1 and 88 (88!!  that’s a lot of comments, people!  thanks for inviting all of your friends!!).

Their numbers were:

(Those would be Do-We-Really-Have-To-Smile-Smiles)

The numbers they picked correspond to comments from Betsy and Michele in TN.  Congratulations to the both of you, I’ll be in touch privately with the details of your prezzies.

Ironically, neither of them posted with what they were bringing to the party, but quite frankly, I’m not sure we needed any more food or drink!!  LOL

Thanks a bunch to all of you that played along.  I had fun reading your comments, and will try to respond to those that I haven’t responded to yet in the next day or so.  Plus, I have to go add all of those blogs to my blog reader!!

Have a great Monday!