72 pencils later…

The boys are ready to go to school tomorrow.

And I have the makings of blisters on my right hand.

Because, yes, they needed 36 sharpened pencils each.  And my piece-of-crap electric sharpener (which has never worked properly) finally gave up the ghost tonight.  Mark has an old-style hand crank out in the garage, but it doesn’t “finish” them cleanly, so…each pencil got started on the hand crank and the finished to a nice point on a hand sharpener.

The annoying thing:  they will likely never use most of these, because once school starts, they’ll wind up in the school store buying mechanical pencils (which are nicer to use anyway) and most of these will come back completely unused.  At least we’ll be able to send them again next year.

I love school/office supplies.  it’s hard not to buy myself a brand-new box of everything, too.  We cheated a little this year, and the boys did not get fresh boxes of crayons.  We had one almost completely fresh box of 64 — just 2 of the crayons showed use, so Joe is taking those.  Will is taking a combination of several boxes, resulting in 64 almost nearly-new looking crayons.  He didn’t seem bereft by this situation (as I would be, I want a FRESH box…).

We have a number of miscellaneous boxes of crayons (16 count construction paper crayons, anyone?) that I think I’m going to take to school and just donate to whichever teacher thinks they’d be useful.  They aren’t getting any use here.  I think I have a couple of boxes skin tone crayons, too.  Oh, excuse me, they are “Multicultural Crayons” — Sepia, Peach, Black, Tan, Burnt Sienna, Apricot, Mahogany, and White.   I was thinking about donating those, too, but I think I’ll save them for when the boys use up their blacks and whites…