Paper or plastic?

Some of you probably remember the search for a way to reduce the quantity of plastic bags in our home.  (I’m happy to report that we do a really good job of taking the reusable bags with us on our big shopping trips, we don’t always remember when we are just running into a store for something small, but we’re working on it).

Getting ready to open the shop, I have been faced with teh paper vs. plastic debate from the other side.  There wasn’t really a debate, I knew I’d get paper, but my sister had to endure several whiny conversations about how much more expensive paper was than plastic, at least for the nice Kraft bags with handles vs. the plastic t-shirt bags (20 cents per bag vs. 4 cents per bag).  I wound up with some much more inexpensive paper merchandise bags, a little flimsier, but I think they’ll do the trick.

Having those arrive today was kind of exciting.  It seems like every day (as we get into the home stretch) something new happens that makes it feel even more real.

And what could be more exciting than boxes of paper shopping bags???

How about a box full of knitting needles!


Better eat, then have to get back to work!  I think my sister-in-law is going to come down and help me for awhile.   Pricing and hanging knitting needles and crochet hooks ought to keep her busy, don’t you think?