It’s about time

Well, in an hour it’ll be time:  I’ve managed to go for many (many) weeks longer than usual without a haircut and it’s dire, people.  So dire.  It’s so long, I can use a single long barrette to pull back both sides and only need two bobby pins to keep the strays in place.


I’m tempted to have her shave it completely off.  But then my husband would complain that I spent good money when he’s perfectly willing to shave it for me.

I’ve been taking gazillions of pictures of yarn (to put on my shop website) and actually filled up my 2GB memory card the other day.  Now, of course, I have to spend the time to process all of those lovely files.

Here’s one to make you drool.

And the photo doesn’t even do it justice.  It’s that gorgeous.

In taking all of these photos I kept finding myself thinking that a particluar color was my favorite.  No wait, this one is my favorite.  Or this one.  I want to make something out of every single skein of yarn. Even the orange is yummy, and I’m not a huge fan of orange! Seriously.  My addictive personality is…in trouble.

Speaking of being in trouble.  Mark and the boys brought this amazing cart down to the shop from my Mom’s house yesterday.

It’s a South American Wedding cart, circa 1950.  I need to take better pictures of it.  It’s really amazing.  Take note of the little head in the window on the right, though.

Katie came down to the shop with me for awhile.  I was in trouble with her, though, because she could see all of these people!  And Cars!  And activity!  On main street — but darn it all, she was stuck inside.

She came down over the the weekend, too, while Mark was hanging curtain rods.  Every plastic package he opened, or anything either of us carried around in our hands, she was certain was FOOD.  She sat in her beggar mode or jumped up to try to sniff or get a look at whatever we hadn in our hands.

Yesterday I caught her chewing on the bits of cardboard the boys have been leaving around.  (They are cutting up boxes and making various…things…mostly weapons, I think.  Don’t you love boys?)  I guess I need to take some dog toys or bones to the shop with me if she is going to be there.

And don’t worry, she is NOT going to be door greeter.  She will likely NOT ever be at the shop if there are customers expected.  Or if there are customers, she’ll be closed up in a room.  Where she’ll be barking and whining, so pretty much…she’ll stay home most of the time.

Time to quit procrastinating and get some more of those yarn pictures processed.  Have a great day!

Oh, and I need to count the minutes until my haircut!