Dude. Put on a shirt.

I’m probably going to jump around as far as what I tell you about regarding our trip, and just tell you snippets, rather than a chronological rundown of events.

There were a couple of must-dos on our collective list, and Seaworld was one of them.  (My 2 year old nephew is a huge shark fan).  We did that on Saturday the 5th, and since it was the 4th of July weekend, everybody and their brother was there.  Well, I was with my sister, but you get the picture.

I knew it was going to be hot.  What I didn’t know was that everyone and their brother (or sister) was going to be half-naked.  Good lord there was a lot of skin showing.  Skin that should have stayed hidden.

Dudes.  Put your shirts back on.  Or if you are going to wear a bikini, do us the favor of standing up straight, so your belly rolls aren’t quite so prominent.

(My sister and I, and the rest of our families kept our shirts on.)

We got to see Shamu and his pals.  The most incredible part of the show with Shamu was the humans, I thought.  The ones that went under and stayed under for a really long time before they came shooting out of the water with their killer whale pals.

As much as we enjoyed Shamu, I thought the dolphin show was more interesting.  Maybe because they always have a bunch of bottlenose dolphins doing tricks, and they are a little more “high-flying” than the killer whales.

And yes, I know that technically Shamu and his pals are dolphins, too.

We tried to get a picture of the shark-lover and his older cousins, but he wasn’t too interested.

We have several priceless pictures of him frowning.   Will, on the right, doesn’t look very happy either.

I am happy to report that because I kept my shirt on most of the time (as well as a lot of sunscreen), I only suffered minor sunburning once (because I forgot to reapply after a dip in the Gulf).  In fact, I think the only person that did burn was my sister, who also forgot to reapply after a swim.

Next time:  knitting my way to Florida and back.


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