Dishwasher duty

The boys are supposed to be the dishwasher-emptiers around here.  This summer,, we seem to be running the dishwasher a lot.  It’s driving the boys crazy to have to empty it so often.  I’ll admit to giving in on occasion and just doing it myself, but it needed to be run two days in a row, and I made them do it both times.  Oh, the dirty looks.

(I don’t know why I’m noticing this summer how many more dishes we use than when the boys are home all day long. I probably thought the same thing last summer, too.  They keep trying to come up with ideas of how to get around having to run it so often.  I keep telling them that if they want to stop eating (and dirtying dishes), that would be OK with me).

Last night, while Mark and I were savoring our ice cream (the boys had crammed their cookies in their mouths and bolted), Joe was examining the dishwasher (prior to pulling it open and starting to empty his half).

Joe: When you guys run the dishwasher do you just push Smart Wash?

Mom: Yup.  Push Smart wash and then Start.  Or sometimes we push the Delay button if we want it to start later.  Pretty easy, but I don’t know that you guys could handle it.

Dad: Yeah, I don’t think you are capable.

Joe and Will: Yes, we can.  We can do that.  That’s easy.

Mom and Dad give each other the League of Parents look.

Crickets.  The truth dawns on the boys.

Joe and Will: No!  Wait!  We can’t do it!

Dad: Too late.  I think you guys have a new job.