Sleeping Beauties

This picture cracks me up.

Four cousins: who actually got a fair amount of sleep.  We gave them the evil eye at about 10 PM, and I think they were tired enough that it didn’t take long before they were all snoozing.  I’m not sure why they decided to sleep on the couch, but that’s where they decided to end up.  They tried to convince us that all 4 could fit, but then Joe decided that sleeping on top of the TWO air mattress/sleeping bag thingies would be fun.  You can see that he actually managed to slide off.  He’s probably lucky that no one fell off the couch on top of him.

My Mom gave me a copy of a book by the Yarn Harlot.  I’m enjoying reading it.  I especially like her method of darning socks.  She stands over the garbage can and says “Darn It” as she throws the holey sock away.