Getting ready.

Good grief.  I leave for Kansas City (for the Machine Quilters Showcase) on Tuesday and here it is Friday and I am SO not ready.  Books to make.   Clothes to pack.  A myriad of other things to do.  And here I sit reading blogs, checking up on the forum, talking to my blog readers and generally not getting anything done I’m supposed to.

Thankfully, since I just taught my machine quilting classes in April in New Hampshire, I pretty much know what I’m doing in classes (but I need to print handouts, so that’d better go on the list…).

What I really ought to be doing is going over to Mom’s and setting up her new computer.  We bought it for her at Sam’s Club last night, and I’d be in pretty big trouble if I didn’t make it over there to set it up like I promised.

Oh and finishing that embroidered quilt that I mentioned in my previous post.  I started trimming it, but then I thought of something else that I wanted to look at on the Internet.  And here I sit.

I’m going now.


Watch me.

I’m walking away.

Any minute now.