Four wheels

It’s an older 4-wheeler, purchased used.  Runs great (I’m told).  The boys took the Magic Erasers and a bucket of water out to work on cleaning it up.  We’ll be headed to the store this weekend to purchase helmets and “other stuff.”  They will be required to help with oil changes and other maintenance.  And won’t be allowed to ride it without adult supervision.

Including today?  Only 4 more days of school.  Friday is Track and Field Day.  Monday is….what do you do on a Monday that is the last day of school?  Watch movies?

And then?  It’s time for baseball, swimming lessons, and a family road trip.  We’ve decided to DRIVE to Florida.  Yup.  Even with gas prices so high, it’s cheaper than flying the 4 of us, plus we’ll get to be more flexible, and will do some additional sight-seeing on the way to and from.

And now?  Time for me to get to work.

Have a great Wednesday!