File this under WWIT?

You have these project, I know you do.

The ones that don’t ever get finished and when you come across them make you think, What Was I THINKING???

for someone long and skinny?

This ill-begotten afghan is at least 10 years old.  It’s crochet.  I think I have the book it came out of on my shelf somewhere should I ever want to refresh my memory on the pattern.  I think it involved a lo tof treble crochets.

gotta have a closeup

The yarn is 98% acryclic, 2% poly.  The texture of the yarn and the bobbles actually feel pretty nice, but oh dear lord, what was I thinking?

Right now it measures 18 by 86.    I think the idea was to make it big enough to cover my 6’4″ husband. Smother him is more like it.  Even with just this much done, the darn thing is quite heavy.  I’d hate for him to be suffocated by it.

I remember having to go back and purchase additional yarn once I realized how much it would take to actually make it this size.  I think there are as many as 4 skeins already used and there are ELEVEN more skeins in the tub.

Eleven. More.

I can’t decide if I should shove this back in the tub and back under the shelf (out of side, out of mind…) or if I need to figure out what to do with it.  Any suggestions?

Any suggestions that don’t include finishing it?