Eating an elephant

We’ve made the decision to go ahead and try to implement this big (slightly) whacky idea I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

The making-of-the-decision is a huge weight off my shoulders, but now there is a new weight.  The OMG-there-are-a-million-things to do kind of weight.

Don’t you just love cryptic posts that don’t come out and tell you what they are actually talking about?

Yeah, me too.

Some of you probably know what I’m talking about.  Some of you can probably guess.

Some of you will be thinking that I’m just insane.  You are probably right.

Right now I’m just trying to remind myself of my second favorite saying.  (In case you’ve forgotten, or need to laugh again, my first favorite saying/motto is the one about being a horrible warning…)

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.



p.s. you have until Sunday night to comment on this post if you want to a chance at one of the 3 patterns that are up for grabs.  i’m wishing i had a whole stack of them so that i could sell them to all of the non-winners.  since i don’t, be sure to visit the link in that post where you can buy them.

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