Before and After

I’m catching up on some stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about, so this is a little bit of old news, but still blog-note-worthy, I think.


(OMG, did I really just show you what a slob I am?)


If only I could keep it like this.  Already, a week later, I’ve got piles that need to be dealt with.

When Mark came home he said “What was all that stuff anyway?”

One full garbage bag said a lot of it was junk mail that needed to be trashed.  (Some of the stuff in the garbage bag came from inside the cabinets, too, it wasn’t all trash out in plain view).

Plus, those piles are pretty precarious — they look bigger than they really were due to the fact that there might be a book underneath a pile of paper, with some more books piled on top.

A lot of it was stuff that didn’t really belong in here, it just seems to collect.  I found several things I’d been looking for — including some jewelry that I thought was long gone.

Anyway, it sure felt nice to have it all clean for at least 5 minutes.

The scariest part?  The Before picture isn’t even all that bad compared to how it’s been in the past…..

I’m NOT going to show you the before picture of my Studio.  That’s just horrifying.  Unfortunately, I can’t show you an after picture either:  I haven’t tackled it yet.

There’s always tomorrow, right?