I don’t remember why, but at supper Monday night we were talking about nicknames.   For some reason, the boys have been dubbed “Mojo” and “Peeps.”  I think they picked those themselves, but supposedly that is what their friends are calling them at school.


I needed to call my Mom and ask her when she was going to be over, and feeling silly I said “Mojo and Peeps want to know when you are going to be here.”

She wanted to know what her nickname was, so of course, we had to brainstorm a bit before  she arrived.

It was pretty unanimous:  “Socks” is her new nickname.  I offer as evidence, the newest pair that I am lucky enough to be wearing.  I didn’t even know she was making these for me.  Cool colors, cool patterning.  And!  They are made out of corn.  The fiber is a corn/nylon blend.


The reason Mom was coming over Monday was so that Mark and I could go to the movie downtown, which was Jumper.  We are glad we only had to spend $1 per ticket to see it, as it wasn’t worth much more than that.  Mark gave up and fell asleep.  I felt compelled to watch the whole thing and am just glad it was a short movie.

All for now,


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  1. Deb says:

    Yeah, Matt and I finally got a chance to see a movie and as parents with small children you take the opportunities as they come even if there aren’t any good movies in the theater. We ended up at this one and wasted $20 on it… Sad, very sad.

    Love the nicknames. What’s yours Suzanne? Photoshop Phanatic?

  2. Lynn Douglass says:

    The nicknames are too cute! I don’t suppose you should tell the boys I said that, though. Cute is probably not something they want to be at this age. Love the socks too!

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