Maggie’s Quilt

Remember when I was blaming Mary for planting a seed about making log cabin blocks? It was back on March 21st.I don’t think I can keep blaming her for the fact that I felt compelled to finish this quilt.


There are 60 full blocks, plus 24 half blocks that finish the edges. I love this setting and I especially love the larger red squares that pop out of the centers. There are some spots in the light guidelines where the spines looks darker: those are the blue guidelines that I marked that I haven’t gotten rid of yet, I’ll soak it in cold water after the binding is on and finished.

I had the 60 blocks made and displayed on my design wall and was debating about setting square options: I had a dark almost solid purple and a really busy dark paisley. I made Mark come in and asked his opinion: the purple, the paisley or…I folded a block in half and showed him what the half blocks would look like. He confirmed what I had already been thinking, and I soldiered on with the additional piecing.

Here’s a close up of the center:


I won’t even tell you all about my trials and tribulations with getting the quilting done. They don’t reflect well on my ability to pay attention to what I’m doing.

It’s called Maggie’s Quilt, because it was the quilt that has kept me occupied this past weekend. Concentrating on it helped me to NOT concentrate so much on her. I’ll print a photo of her and use that as part of the quilt’s label, and will enjoy snuggling under it. I’ll be wishing she could snuggle with me, though.

It’s time for a run to the post office. They know me pretty well down there.



  1. Mary says:

    No I certainly can’t be blamed for you finishing this quilt so quickly since my top still isn’t assembled. I really like this setting too.

    As much fun as using the strings to make the log cabin blocks was – you and JudyL are making me want to make another one using strips – I also like the larger red centers.

    I’m glad working on this helped distract you some, I sure it will be one of your favorite quilts to cuddle with.

  2. marcie says:

    Great quilt! And I love it set on point. The extra work going into the half blocks was worth it. (Well, I didn’t have to make them, but he effect is good!)

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