Good Things

So in the midst of everything else, I did receive several bits of good news on Friday — the new issue of Quiltmaker Magazine is out, and it includes a quilt that I quilted. And — even better — it’s the quilt on the cover!

It’s a very pretty quilt, and one that I wouldn’t have minded having here in my home! One of the reasons I really like Quiltmaker is that they never say “quilt as desired” — they always give specific instructions about how the sample quilt was quilted with line drawings and everything.

The other good news was that my husband’s cousin gave birth on Friday to a baby girl, her name is Madelyn Elise. Isn’t that pretty? She was about a month early and only 5 lbs 13 oz, but is healthy and home.

How about a funny? My boys are at that age where they are very aware of language and how it is being used. I can’t even count how many times in the last week they’ve asked for a definition of a word. Some of them I answer, others I tell them they need to go look up. This is an education for me:  there are so many words that I know how to use, but I am hard pressed to give an actual accurate definition.

They also like to insist on being very literal.

Last night after supper:

Mom: Joe, can you please put the butter away?
Joe: (staring right at the tub) I don’t see any butter on the table.
Mom: OK, can you put the margarine away please?

But this is the really funny one.  In an 8 year old sort of way.  (You’ve been warned).

Mom:  You guys can’t leave your crap all over the coffee table.

Will or Joe:  But Mom, we don’t go to the bathroom on the table.

And on that note…..




  1. lisa thiessen says:

    Congratulations on your cover quilt! One more to frame for the wall of fame…

    Oh, and my 8 year old is every bit as literal. Hilarious. Really.

    My 10 year old is playing with language a bit more and now they get each other get into helpless giggles. It’s wonderful!


  2. becca says:

    Congrats on the quilt that is so awesome! Your boys are too cute.My 19 year old still gets TOO literal.Lol. It never ends.

  3. Deb says:

    Congrats on the cover, that’s awesome!!!

    That sounds like fun with the boys, I think Colin is pretty close to starting to use the word “why” I can’t wait!!!!

  4. Alycia says:

    Oh my – your boys are too funny!!

    Congrats on the cover – now I have a reason to go in the fabric store tomorrow ( boy will my boys be excited about that!)

    The quilt is beautiful!

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