this guy, take 2

On Sunday I posted a picture of my husband that was taken last spring.   He and I just looked at that days photos again last night, and tried to remember what it was like when it was warm and sunny and GREEN.  It’s hard to believe our yard ever looked like that.  Oh, I forgot to give today’s weather update:  school was delayed 2 hours, but that was it.  This is the first Tuesday they’ve been at school in a month, if you can believe that.  Sadly, the forecast shows a 70% chance of snow tomorrow, with accumulation of 1-2 inches possible.  Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s also supposed to be windy, and the wind is what kills us.  Any little bit of wind and everything drifts shut again.

Sorry for the digression:  back to the subject at hand.  In addition to the photo, I posted a  bit of journaling I had done based on one of Shimelle‘s Write it Down prompts.

Well, yesterday I found a new Photoshop challenge on Jessica Sprague’s website, and decided to use the challenge and the journaling I had done to create the following layout:


(the challenge was the text tucked into the photograph).  The journaling is the same as what I posted the other day.  In theory, you can click on the picture to view it slightly larger.

I’m pleased with how it turned out.  And now I’m going to go crawl in bed next to this guy and get some beauty sleep.

See ya tomorrow!