This guy — list #2

Let me tell you about this guy:


This guy is 37 years old, but some days he’ll tell you he is 16.  Or 10.  On Saturday he was 16, but that’s only because that’s how old he had to be in order to ride his 4 wheeler.  Around the house.  Over and over.

This guy is very smart (like scary smart), but he’s also got a lot of common sense.  Thank goodness, because someone around here has to.

This guy is quiet and shy, but you have to watch out for the quiet, shy ones, because they are always thinking.

This guy is extremely funny, but in a dry low-key kind of way.  Like, I said:  you have to watch out for the quiet ones.  You never know what they are going to say when they say it.

This guy is a kid magnet.   At big parties, he is more likely to be hanging with the younger crowd than he is with the people his own age.

This guy has been married to me for 12 years today.  He deserves an award for that, I think.

Happy Anniversary, dear.  Love you.


  1. Lynn Douglass says:

    Happy Anniversary, you two! I had the pleasure of meeting “that guy”, and he’s a very good husband and father! Then again, he got a great wife in the deal, too! I hope you guys have a lovely day! Hugs.

  2. Mary Ann (mom) says:

    What a sweet tribute to a great guy from the other half of an outstanding pair.
    Much love on your anniversary from your mother who has made grilled sandwiches twice this weekend for the 2 offspring of this marriage. And scrambled eggs (9 eggs) that didn’t all get eaten partly because they weren’t like mommy makes them. (The margarine got a little brown so they didn’t look quite right). We’ve had great fun learning new card tricks, having fun with calculators and watching Pink Panther cartoons. And now we’re watching Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets on the Family Channel.

  3. Tina Chamberlain says:

    Happy Anniversary! Did you know you’re one day and one year off of Randi’s? BTW – he sounds a lot like my DH. And skinny too!

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