Spring can’t be far behind

I’m not seeing any signs of spring in my yard yet.  Most of the yard is still covered by great big drifts of snow.  I have heard a few birds, though, and this morning I stood in my front doorway soaking in the sunshine for a few minutes.

Just a moment ago, these arrived:


This is my personal sign that spring can’t be far away:  Daffodil Days, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

I can’t wait until they open up and show me their bright cheerful faces.

Those snow drfits have been shrinking, I think our temps are up in the 40s today.  It’s a bit funny, actually, because the drifts have been hard and crusty, and the dogs are light enough that they don’t sink in.  Well, now those drifts are getting to be melty and slushy and not quite as easy for the dogs to navigate.  Maggie looked a little offended when she tried to bound over a drift and found herself stuck in it instead.  She seems to have completely recovered from her surgery last week.  Good thing she’s all better, because now it is time to nurse a sick kid.  Will is home today, and running a fever, so he’ll probably be home tomorrow, too.  Nasty stuff is floating around school, I can only imagine how long it will be until Joe is struck down, and then me…and Mark…

For today, though, I’ll be grateful for the promise of spring that my new daffodils hold.



  1. Deb Levy says:

    Hope the sickness goes quickly. And that spring comes soon for you. I can’t begin to imagine the awful winter you’ve had to endure.

  2. Mary says:

    Well, have they bloomed yet? I love Daffodils and had hoped to see some when I was in VA this weekend but I didn’t see any. Things are melty and muddy here too but they’re calling for snow the next few days.

  3. Emily says:

    My daffodills are blooming like crazy this week – it’s like a little field around my mailbox! I’m so happy – I had to go out and drink in their smell… distintively spring – for me… not a beautiful smell, but a special one anyway!

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