I’m not making this up

I thought about going for the long, whiny version, but I think I’ll go for the minimalist version.  You can fill in the whining on your own.  Also, throw in some bad words for the full effect.

1.  It’s Monday.

2.  It snowed over night.

3.  It is really windy.

4.  Mark shoveled but the driveway drifted closed again.

5.  The road is probably completely plugged as well.

6.  School is closed.


  1. mariajhmom says:


    At least you have a new Photoshop class to start on. You sucked me in too. First I have to find Photoshop and reload it on my computer.

    I’d whine too. A lot! We haven’t had one snow day and we live in Minnesota!

  2. Terri says:

    OMG! Your kids are seriously going to be going to school in July!
    We have rain…………no kidding………..Friday I shoveled 6″ of snow – today we have rain………….

  3. QuiltZing says:

    Where do you live — I want to make sure never to even think about living there!! LOL.
    My DD lives in PA and, although they don’t have the quanity of snow you’ve been getting, it has been very cold, windy and freezing rain/snow. My bones hurt for you!

  4. QuiltZing says:

    Oh yea — I forgot to say, thanks for sharing about digi-scrapping! It’s great fun! I’ve had Photoshop for a year or so, but never learned to use it. Thanks to the tutorials available, I’ve learned quite a bit. One of these days, I hope to enroll in the on-line classes you mentioned.

  5. becca says:

    I am with ya Suazanne! I keep seeing all these blogs on spring! Not here either.We have atleast 2 more months of this…… I am SO ready to move.

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