I’ve not been posting, because I haven’t had the heart to do so.

My poor sweet puppy Maggie passed away last Friday morning.

I spent most of the weekend in a daze, at least in part because the vets could not explain why.  It didn’t make sense.  We do now have an answer, and there’s nothing they could have done, nor could they have known this would happen.  I still don’t have all of the details straight, but it was related to her thymus gland.


I will miss that funny little underbite and those bright shiny eyes.  She wasn’t here for very long, but she sure made a huge impact on us.  I’m trying to remind myself that at least the 2 months she had with us were about the happiest I think a little dog could have had.

And now, I must stop because I’ll start bawling again if I don’t think about something else.

Back soon,



  1. michele says:

    Oh Suzanne, I am so sorry. How I wish I could help your pain. She was lucky to have you, and I am sure she was the happiest luckiest puppy for the time you had her.

    Hugs to you, and all your boys.

  2. Emily says:

    Suzzane, I’m sorry. It is so hard to have something wiggle right into your heart, and then lose them. All of those little quirks just add to the sweetest personalities which make up our pets. I hope you’re able to feel better about it soon, I know it is hard though.

  3. lisa thiessen says:

    Oh, Suzanne. I’m sooo heartsick for you. Glad that she had you and your family for the time that she did, though. You know it was the best possible place for her, the best piece of her life.
    I’ll be thinking of you and all your boys. I hope they are able to deal with it all okay, too.

  4. Freda Henderson says:

    Stay strong Suzanne. Maggie is now romping on the Rainbow Bridge and one of these days will be with you again.

  5. Valerie says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and lurking, sorry. But wanted to let you know how sad I am too about Maggie. From all those pictures I could tell how happy and contented she was during her short time with you and your family.

  6. Vicki W says:

    I’m so sorry Suzanne. Isn’t it amazing how quickly pets become family. It’s like they have some superpower heart control medicine!

  7. Sharon Dixon says:

    Suzanne, I’m glad you blogged because I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. Maggie was very lucky to have your family.

  8. Marty52 says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your Maggie. I thought something must be wrong when you didn’t post. I’ll be thinking of you today.

  9. Deb Levy says:

    Having lost 2 kitties within 8 months of each other just a short time ago, I know how awful it is for you and your family now. But know that coming to live with you was the best part of Maggie’s short life, and you made it so.

  10. Elaine Huntsinger says:

    A friend told me about Maggie’s quilt. It is certainly a beauty. The setting is wonderful; as is the quilting in the center.
    About Maggie. Might she have had myasthenia gravis? I have the disease. I had my thymus gland removed in l974. I’m still kicking, quilting, and loving life. Wish Maggie could be also.
    This is a disease that dogs get.
    I feel for you. We have a new Jack Russell Terrier just 4 months old. I can’t imagine something happening to her.
    Here are some big, gentle hugs for you.

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