Card tricks

The boys spent a large part of the weekend at my Mom’s house.  We didn’t mean for her to have them quite so long, but all 3 were having such a good time, we just left them there.  Mom had gotten some books at the library, one of which was a book about card tricks for kids, which they spent much time studying.

Can we show you a trick mom?

Can we show you a trick mom?

Can we show you a trick mom?

Can we show you a trick mom?

Can we show you a trick mom?

Mark said I should just say:

“Sure.  Can you make yourselves disappear?”

Today is the first day of the new Photoshop class I’m taking at

The class is for beginner’s, some of whom have never made a layout before, so the first lesson was based on a premade template.  I did learn several new things, plus I challenged myself to replace the papers in the template with something else.


Paper and start sticker from Amanda McGee’s Doodle Dandy collection.  Frame is from the class materials, but I did recolor it.  I think it’s designed by Katie Pertiet.  I used part of the frame to make the flourish over the title.

Text reads:

You are pretty thrilled to have yet another day home from school.  I am grateful that you get along so well and can keep yourselves pretty happily occupied.
I think, though, that you are going to be pretty frustrated when May gets here and you are still stuck inside an overheated classroom.

It’s gotten to be something of a joke, you have hadn’t a full day of school on a Monday in…weeks?  Months?  I know you haven’t had a full week of school since before Thanksgiving.

Some day I’ll look back on the winter of 2008 and laugh, but right now, it doesn’t seem very funny.

At least I have you guys to cheer me up during this yucky weather.    You learned new card tricks at Grandma’s house over the weekend, and I’m quite impressed.


They really haven’t bugged me too much about showing me tricks.  And really, I truly am impressed by the ones they’ve shown me.  But they won’t divulge their secrets (yet).



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  1. Deb Levy says:

    I keep trying to send warm weather your way, but it just keeps coming back to me! Sorry, but I’ll keep trying! LOL

    But look at all the quality time your are getting with the boys….nice that they can entertain themselves most of the time. Good for the sanity.

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