Too dark for pictures

I should have known that it was really too dark for taking pictures.

What do you think Maggie?


Yeah, I thought so too. So I can only share one for now.


I’ll take some more in the morning when there is actual daylight.

The quilt has been washed but not blocked, which is why the binding looks a little ripply. It’s my cousin’s wedding quilt, and if it hadn’t snowed and blown this weekend, she would have gotten it. As it is, she’ll have to wait until this weekend.

My heart is breaking tonight for my online friend Gina. Gina is on vacation in Hawaii and is trying to get home, her son was killed in a car accident last night, and her other son was in the car and is in the ICU.



  1. Deb Levy says:

    I just got back from retreat this afternoon to this news. How awful, I can’t even imagine! First Ronda and now Gina…what an awful winter for our friends. My heart is broken, and my prayer are with them.

    The feathers look great…looking forward to seeing the whole quilt.

    Give those sweet boys an extra hug tonight.

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