The view from here aka what makes me happy

Jessica Sprague posted about the things that are making her happy. In light of my crabbiness, I thought this might be something positive for me to try to blog about.

(1) Even though they’ve been home more than they’ve been at school lately, these guys make me happy:


And it’s not that they are home that bothers me, although a quiet house would be nice occasionally, it’s that (a) my routines are completely out of whack and (b) they need to be at school being challenged. The roads are so bad, though: they’ve already canceled school for tomorrow. I’ve lost count of how many days that makes so far this year.

I do have to tell you, though, that they have spent a lot of time reading.  Will just finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and has started the next one.  Joe is in the midst of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.   I have to brag:  we drifted down to the library this afternoon so that Will could take an Accelerated Reader quiz on the book he just finished.  The level is 6.7 (grade 6 month 7):  the quiz had 10 questions and was worth 14 points:  he nailed the whole thing.  (As a reference, the quizzes they take that are at the 3rd grade level are only worth 1/2 to 1 point…)

(2) Photoshop continues to make me happy. My class is over, but another one starts in 2 weeks. The layout I posted above was a combination of two challenges, one was to use the theme “the view from here” — the journaling reads:

I see two of the cutest, smartest young men, doing one of the things that you love the most. I think today’s experiment had something to do with the motor and making it run the vehicle. I’m not sure it was a complete success, but you had your plan, and you worked hard together to try to accomplish your goal. You take my breath away sometimes with your humor, insight, and recall of detail. The view from here is quite amazing, and I can’t wait to see what the two of you come up with next.

The other challenge was to either scraplift a layout or use the Orton effect on the photos.

Here’s what the Orton effect does to the photos:


Gives it kind of a cool, dreamy effect.  I think it looks really cool on landscape pictures, too.  You can play with the amount of the effect, too.

(3)  Hmm.  What else.  Oh — the fabric I showed off yesterday.  I can’t wait until my border fabric arrives.

(4) The web comic Sheldon.  I love Sheldon.

(5) Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts

(6) This YouTube video from Lego Star Wars:

(7) Comfort food in movie form:  The Lord of the Rings

So, what’s making you happy?  Want to share?  Be sure to leave me a comment if you do.  I actually feel a bit better after this little exercise, maybe it’ll help you, too.




  1. Tanya Brown says:

    Actually, looking at photos of your little guys is making me happy. They look like great kids, and I imagine you’re helping them have a wonderful childhood.

    My son has recently started saying “I love you, Daddy” and “I love you, Mommy”. That, too, is making me happy.

  2. Celine Spader says:

    I can totally relate to having your routine discombobulated! It is funny how something or someone can be the source of both great joy and great frustration. I have my little girl home for the week (spring break). Nothing gets done without some interruption. Every task takes more time and inner peace leaves (without a trace). I Love her to pieces and when I feel down I can hug her and look into her eyes and immediately & overwhelmingly feel better (and peace returns)! Must have something to do with the focus.


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