Terrific Thursday

Look!  Going back to school!


Today was their field trip to see the play “Old Yeller” though, so it’s not like they got much done.  But at least they went!

I had my camera with me because I wanted to take some pictures of the piles of snow.


The snow on either side of the road is piled up in the ditches.  So, the piles are actually taller than they even look.  This spot of the road is just south of our house (that’s our big pine tree you can sort of see to the left).  This was actually drifted shut several times over the last 2 weeks.

This great big dirty pile of snow is the snow pile downtown.  This is where they’ve been piling the snow that was on our main street.dsc04604.jpg

Same pile, different angle.



I think attitude towards weather is at least partly a matter of acclimation.  There are people that live in places that are much colder, with more snow, and they probably don’t complain as much as I do.  I’ve never seen so much snow, wind, yuck as we’ve had:  and I’m not acclimated to it.

Just like I’m not acclimated to the boys being home every day for the last 2 weeks.  If it were summer vacation:  I’d be mentally prepared for that.  We’d go to the pool, they’d go outside, etc, etc, etc.  Right now, though, this forced winter vacation was not in the plans:  and it wasn’t someting you could prepare for.  We woke up each morning not knowing want was going to be the plan.

Today was also a good day, because it was the day that I converted MQResource to our new forum software and launched the new home page.  There is still work to be done, but if you are a machine quilter, and want to join in the fun, we’d love to have you join us:  http://www.mqresource.com — we have forums, a live chat room, and lots of fellowship and inspiration.  Thankfully, the conversion went quite smoothly, and even though there have been a few glitches:  those have been minor.

I’d better go check on the forums again, and then maybe even go sew for a few minutes.

Have a great rest of Thursday, and a fabulous Friday!



  1. Donna says:

    The worst part of an unplanned winter vacation is when it is early summer and you have to make up the snow days!! My kids are grown, but the grandkids grumble and mumble when it’s time to make up those days. The warm, sunny, beautiful weather is always beckoning from a window.

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