More about the humane society plus Write it Down, February 2

In my previous post, I made a big deal out of feeling kind of weird after we left the Humane Society, and then I didn’t actually tell you what the conversation was about.  I wasn’t even sure I was going to share, but since Leah asked, I’ll go ahead and tell you.

There was a question on the form that asked where your pet will live and sleep — indoors or outdoors.

Well, our pets sleep indoors and primarily live indoors.  But what Mark added was something to the effect that if we are gone and it is NICE OUT the dogs get left outside in a kennel.

And what the adoption counselor said was “We place all of our dogs in homes that will keep them indoors.”

Well, first off:  why does your form even ask the question then?  There should have been a line at the top that says “we only place pets in homes that will keep them indoors.”

I tried to explain that all we meant was that if we are leaving our property and it is NICE OUT the dogs are left outside.  We don’t leave them out overnight or if it is cold or rainy or super windy.  She said something like “Well, it is our policy to place pets in indoor situations and this is something I’ll have to think about.  This dog is smaller and shouldn’t be left outside if it is cold.”


I tried again: Well, we only leave them outside when it is NICE OUT, and on a day like today — our dog is INSIDE.

She didn’t exactly say we were approved, but did tell us that we could call in the morning to find out if the dog had been adopted by the other family.

It could be that we were reading more into it than there was, but we both kind of walked away with the same impression.

I don’t envy the humane society it’s job — I know that they are just trying to do the best job they can, and they have to protect their animals, but it just felt weird to us.  Quite frankly, we think we have a pretty good deal going for the pets that come to live with us, and if the humane society doesn’t agree, we’ll visit another shelter and try again.

On to something else:

Shimelle’s prompt for day 2 was really hard.  Yesterday’s seemed so easy, I’m still not sure I like how this one turned out.  I think I might be making it more difficult than it needs to be.  Or something.


Night all!



  1. Jan says:

    Suzanne, if it helps you at all, the humane society and the rescue group that we got both of our dogs from had the same requirement, required a fenced yard and both did home visits before we were approved. We were always approved but I do admit, it made me feel strange and the first time it caught me off guard. Anyone who knows me knows my dogs are spoiled rotten 😉

  2. Vicki W says:

    Too bad we don’t take as much care with children. Do they really think that the dog is better in a cage at their kennel than in a home where they can play outside on a nice day in a big yard?

  3. Leah S says:

    Wow, if anything, it almost sounds like she wants the dogs indoors all the time, getting fat as possible so we can have dog obesity too…

    And seems like the word “indoors” is very broad. Inside a barn is indoors, isn’t it? Inside a dog house is indoors, isn’t it? Wait, don’t ask her that, she’d really take it wrong! 😛

  4. Suzanne says:

    I do understand the need for requirements, and I don’t have a problem with them only wanting indoor situations for their pets, but they way she quizzed us about that particular statement bothered us.

    Mark’s sister adopted a dog from the same place last year, and they left feeling a little bit…unimpressed with the place, too. Like I said, I do NOT envy them their job.

  5. Suzanne says:

    ROFLOL Leah. You and I were typing at the same time. Yeah, that’s a little bit of the impression we got. Cats indoors 24×7 I can understand, but dogs???

  6. Mary Ann (mom) says:

    If you get the dog, she’ll be one lucky pup. Two caring people parents, a lovable sister Katie the cocker spaniel, 2 boys running around, big jars of treats. Doggie bed complete with real quilts.

  7. wildonionstudio says:

    My youngest was hanging on me yesterday while I was reading your posts (LOVE the Colin scrapbook, btw. he is yummy cute!). When I scrolled to the post with your boys, he was really curious and started reading it. He still slaps his knee out of the blue and quotes you “they never remember to flush the toilet but I still love them”. He even went online just to find it and show it to his brother. And one of his friends. You, my dear, are now a cool mom. Congrats on moving up in the world.
    If the book thing ever goes sour, you might consider stand up for 8 year olds.
    Wild Onion

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