Leap day

February can’t go away soon enough for me. I have high hopes for March.

School was delayed 2 hours this morning, but that was it. We are over 20 days of no school/early out/delayed start due to weather. Crazy.

Sun is shining today: but it is windy, which means that there is probably some drifting going on.

It’s easier to be cheerful about the weather when it is sunny. This morning the dogs were laying in the sun by the door again and this time, I actually decided to get down on the floor and enjoy some of the sunny warmth with them.  Felt good.  I should do that more often.

The scenery outside my windows is actually quite beautiful to look at today.  Look at the color of the sky.  This is taken out my back windows, which face west.


With the sun shining, there is a fair amount of melting happening on my roof (and on the roads, too, I hope).  I need to go check the basement again, to make sure there isn’t any water down there today.  I can hear the water running in the gutters, so I don’t think it should be a problem.

Mark e-mailed and asked if there were any drips in the basement.  I couldn’t help myself.  I told him no:  because he wasn’t down there.

So far today I’ve made good progress on continuing to get my bookkeeping updated, plus some more sewing on my Blooming Nine Patch.  Not much to show, because it doesn’t look like much, but look who was helping me earlier:


My sewing table is right next to the couch.  She is half on the couch, half on the sewing table in this picture.    At one point she was standing up on the arm of the couch and getting her nose close to the fabric coming out of the machine.  I’ve sewn through my finger, I would have hated to catch her nose!

Right now, Maggie is curled up in lap asleep.  She’s not going to like me very much when I move here in a minute or two.  It’s time for a break from the computer, though.

Mom and I are going to see the movie 27 Dresses tonight.  I told her I’d go as long as she was willing to watch the boys tomorrow night so that Mark and I can go out on a date.  She didn’t think it was a completely even trade, but she had forgotten WHY we wanted to go on a date.

Sunday is our 12th anniversary!  I’m wishing we were taking a trip and going somewhere warm….

I do know that I’m going to insist that we do NOT do any shopping, or at least not any grocery shopping on our date….

OK, time for a computer break.  Hope are you having a fabulous Friday!



  1. Michele says:

    Your blue sky looks wonderful. It is March 1st here already and finally, we have a blue sky today, too. I can at least get the washing dried outside on the clothes line today.
    February has been the coldest, wettest month here for many, many years.
    I hope you enjoy the movie. I haven’t seen it, but it looks like a fun one. Happy Anniversary for Sunday.

  2. Vicki W says:

    What a beautiful day and Maggie is so cute! Isn’t Katie jealous when Maggie is in your lap? I hope you have a wonderful anniversary date with no grocery shopping!

  3. Beth says:

    What a beautiful scene…of course, you are probably tired of it by now.

    Cute doggie, and happy anniversary! I loved 27 Dresses!

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