Last layout for photoshop class

Well, I lied earlier.  One of the boys stayed home.  Again.  After talking to the school nurse, we decided on a trip to the doctor.  She thinks he’s probably just got a weird stomach virus and if he isn’t better in a week we’ll have to go back to search further for a cause.  Of course, an hour after our trip to the doctor he was perked up and feeling fine.  Whatever he’s got has been pretty weird, because he’ll be fine for several hours and then the next thing I know, he’ll be lying on the couch curled up complaining that his tummy hurts.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the house to myself for the day.

And then we’ll have a 3 day weekend, as Friday is a professional development day for the teachers.   Yippee.

Hey, look:  it’s another layout of my nephew, Colin.  This is the 4th and final lesson in my Photoshop class.  There are some other challenges and stuff I’ll do, but it’s sad to see this class end, as I have learned a ton and had a very good time doing it.

This one is actually a 2 page layout — if it were to get printed, I’d print it out as 2 separate 12 by 12 inch pages.


The tags under the pictures just have the words to “Happy birthday”

The brown oval tag is a quote from an unknown author that reads “Each birthday is a new beginning, full of promise and opportunity and the chance to make dreams come true.”

I wasn’t actually there for his 1st birthday, these are pics that my sister sent me.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

A lot of the things I’ve learned from this class don’t actually show up on the page — or aren’t really obvious without seeing the original photos.  Tips for adjusting levels and colors and sharpening and stuff like that have made a huge difference in the appearance of the photos.  Plus, shortcuts and easy ways to do things that I’ve been doing the hard way — that’s the most important kind of stuff I’ve been learning.

I am going to post some quilt pictures, but I have to go, um…take the pictures first….



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