How To Get More Exercise

Get a new dog.

OK, so tromping around in the snow for a minutes isn’t exactly exercise, but it is more movement than I have been getting lately…and more trips outside to the fresh air, too!

We have an invisible fence (which we love, it works great…), but it doesn’t work until you train the dog with the collar and showing them where the boundaries are.  Most of our 2 acres is covered with piles and drifts, some of them up to my waist or higher.  Invisible fence training will have to wait awhile.

I quilted for awhile last night.  My Mom had been working on this, and if Hannah hadn’t decided to show up several weeks early, the quilt would have been on time.  Oh well.  LOL


The pattern is by Terry Atkinson.  I think it’s called Slide Show?


Had to make a matching page for Joe.  I’m pretty tickled with the words tucked into the couch cushion.  It’s not perfect, but I like it!

Poor Joe is home today, still not feeling well.  Such a week.  I’m very glad it is Friday.



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